Getting Started

New to CrossFit? Kind of nervous? Do you think CrossFit is only for elite athletes? Do you feel like you need to “get in shape” before trying CrossFit?Don’t worry, most people are nervous to walk into a CrossFit box for the first time, but once you do, you will realize there was nothing to worry about.

When you walk into Tough Country CrossFit for the first time you will be greeted by our friendly trainers and members. We will walk you through the process of getting started on your first CrossFit workout. Here is how our classes are structured:

First 5-10 minutes complete the posted warm up on the white board

Next 5 Minutes the trainer will explain and demonstrate each movement along with scaling options and modifications. Members will then do 5 reps of each movement to demonstrate their ability to perform the movements

As soon as the trainer(s) have confidence that each member is performing the movements correctly it’s time to get sweaty. The class will all start the workout at the same time.

As soon as each member completes the daily WOD(Workout of the Day), members will be led through stretching, mobility, or a cool down by one of the trainers

Each movement that we perform has modifications or scaling options to ensure that each member can complete every workout. Whether you have injuries, have lost mobility, or just can’t complete a movement, don’t worry, we can modify each movement to ensure your safety and progress. Can’t do pull ups, hand stand push ups, run, jump rope, or perform weight lifting movements? Don’t worry, you are not alone. We take every person at the level they are at and modify each workout to make sure each member can perform the movements and get the same workout as all of the other members in the class. Most days you come into the box there will be a WOD, and a BWOD. The WOD is the Workout of the Day, and the BWOD is the Basic Workout of the Day. The Basic WOD is a great way for new members to integrate into CrossFit. The Basic WOD is a scaled down version of the regular WOD, typically requiring less reps, and modified movements.

We offer a fundamentals class on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Our fundamentals class will take you through each of the basic CrossFit movements and help you integrate into our classes faster and more effectively. We do not require new members to attend this course, but we highly recommend it.

We allow everyone to try 3 classes for free before signing up. What do you have to lose? Come in and find out why CrossFit is the fastest growing and most exciting fitness program in the world.

Call Us: 435-590-1881, or Visit Us: 211 W 1st South St, Mesquite, NV 89027View Map